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Tiny Desk Meets AFROPUNK: ChocQuibTown

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LaTesha Harris | April 25, 2021
Tiny Desk Meets AFROPUNK is the electrifying kick-off to AFROPUNK's "Black Spring" festival. The virtual celebration, hosted by Jorge "Gitoo" Wright, features performances from ChocQuibTown, Calma Carmona, Luedji Luna and Nenny. AFROPUNK, born out of a 2003 short film by the same name, is an international movement and music festival centered on Black exploration and rebellion. Starting as a way to create space for the unacknowledged presence and influence of Black culture in a predominantly white punk scene, AFROPUNK has since evolved into a distinct, multi-genre experience.
"Black Spring" was created to spotlight outstanding talent in Afro-Latine and Afro-Caribbean music across the globe. The Tiny Desk Meets AFROPUNK program aims for the same. The showcase's four artists have come to the Tiny Desk to honor their homes and celebrate the art their heritage has inspired. Learn more about them below.

"¡Tú sabes!" Carlos "Tostao" Valencia exclaims after Colombian hip-hop trio ChocQuibTown performs its first song, the energetic "Somos Pacífico." "ChocQuibTown, straight from Colombia, from the Pacific coast," he says. "We call it Africa inside Colombia, we got the flavor, we got the flow." ChocQuibTown — named after the coastal area the trio hails from — is a family affair comprised of siblings Miguel "Slow" Martinez and Gloria "Goyo" Martinez, the latter of which is married to Valencia. In 2000, the trio formed to promote their neglected corner of Colombia's culture; today, ChocoQuibTown's music blends the traditionality of Afro-Latin jazz with the modernity of hip-hop to create a singular, yet versatile sound.

• "Somos Pacífico"
• "De Donde Vengo Yo"
• "Pa Olvidarte"
• "Qué Lástima"
• "Lo Que Quieras Tú"
• "Cuando Te Veo"

• Goyo: vocals
• Slow: vocals
• Tostao: vocals
• Carlos Palmet: bateria
• Alejandro García: guitar
• Daniel Rodríguez "Noize": piano
• Braulio Fernández: bajo
• José González: trumpet, piano, vocals
• Eignar Renteria: vocals
• Yaima Saurez: vocals
• Juancho Valencia: arrangements


Video: Kevin Quiles, Roberto Vélez, Diego Valerio, MotionHaze, GoldenHour Music Group LLC
Audio: Gabriel Gil, Waldy D.

Tiny Desk Meets AFROPUNK
• Producer: Abby O'Neill
• Video Producer: Maia Stern
• Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
• Associate Producer: Bobby Carter
• Tiny Production Team: Bob Boilen, Kara Frame
• Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey
• Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann
NPR, NPR Music, National Public Radio
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