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K-Pop New Releases - February 2018 Week 2 - K-Pop ICYMI

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Get caught up with this week's new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here's a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for February 2018 Week 2 (week ending February 17, 2018).

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AC Block:
Eun Ho (은호) - Box (상자)
Love Poem (러브 포엠) - Warm (따뜻해)
Circus100 X Ga Hyun (써커스백, 가현) - Lighthouse Wind (등대바람)
Augment (어그먼트) - One Two Three (하나 둘 셋)
Jang Han Byul (장한별) - One A.M (새벽 한시)
Bubble Sisters Feat. Bmello (버블 시스터즈) - Ice Pick (얼음송곳)
015B X Monday Kiz (먼데이키즈) - On An Empty Street (텅 빈 거리에서)
Kang Min Hee (강민희) - Toddle (걸음마)
Kim Ji Soo (김지수) - She (그대가 안아준다면, 그 어떤 것도 날 춥게 할 수 없습니다)
DK [December] - If We Love Again (눈부신 눈물)
Park Boram (박보람) - Will Be Fine (애쓰지 마요)
Yang Yo Seob (양요섭) - Star (별)
Roy Kim (로이킴) - Only Then (그때 헤어지면 돼)

OST Block:Migyo (미교) - Bygone Days (지난 날) (Radio Romance (라디오로맨스) OST)Samuel (사무엘) - A Thousand Times (Cross (크로스) OST)
Lee Seung Chul (이승철) - Painful Love (사랑은 아프다) (Misty (미스티) OST)
leeSA (리싸) - Always You (A Korean Odyssey Hwayugi (화유기) OST)
K-Indie / Rock Block:
Bae In Hyuk (배인혁) - I Am (나는 당신에게 그저)
Singil Station Romance (신길역 로망스) - No One Can Love (누구도 사랑할 수 없게)
Maybe an Artist (어쩌면 아티스트) - The Diving Bell And The Butterfly (잠수종과 나비)
Sangmin Lee (이상민) - Blues Along the Way (길 따라 블루스)
Min Kyung Hoon X Kim Hee Chul (민경훈 X 김희철) - Falling Blossoms (후유증)
BeautyHandsome (뷰티핸섬) - Where Are You (어디예요 그대)

EDM / Dance Block:
Kim YoungChul Feat. Wheesung (김영철, 휘성) - Andenayon (안되나용)
Kang Hodong X Hong Jin Young (강호동 X 홍진영) - I Kicked My Luck Off (복을 발로 차버렸어)

R&B / Hip-Hop Block:
JQ (제이큐) - Airplane Mode
Gilgu [GB9] (길구 (길구봉구)) - What To Do (어떡하라고)
Tobias Dray Feat. Junny - Call This Love
SUPA KILLA B & THRONICK with J Slow (제이 슬로우) - A WAY
On Air - Love Is Over
Jo.Ddem (죠뎀) - Ougeo (오우거)
Don Mills Feat. Dbo - Yonge and Finch
Illnati Feat. Leadmelo & Yeonsong (일나티, 리드멜로, 연송) - #DREAM (#꿈)
Dob Feat. Kisum (도비, 키썸) - Melancholy
Mighty Mouth (마이티 마우스 ) - Uber
Rich (리치) - Hurts To Say I Love You (가슴이 아파)
G.Urban (지어반) - Greater Love (키보다 큰 사랑)
C JAMM, Osshun Gum, Lilmoney & Swings - 2
OLNL (오르내림) - KOKIRIKO (코끼리코)
Miryo (미료) - Can I See You Again

Pop Block:
VERMUDA (버뮤다) - It Was Farewell (이별이더라)
X:TIME - Spotlight (Korean Version)
EXID (이엑스아이디) - Walk Me Home (2018 Re:Flower Version) (데려다줄래)
Kino (키노) [Pentagon] - Lonely
F.Cuz (포커즈) - Beautiful Girl (아름다운 걸)
TheEastLight (더 이스트라이트) - Valentine's Day (발렌타인 데이)
Joypark (조이파크) - Missing You
K.A.R.D (카드) - Push and Pull
Suzy (수지) - SObeR
VAV (브이에이브이) - Gorgeous (예쁘다고)

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