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K-Pop New Releases - February 2018 Week 4 - K-Pop ICYMI

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Get caught up with this week's new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here's a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for February 2018 Week 4 (week ending March 3, 2018).

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AC Block:
Jee Woo Jin (지우진) - Forgotten (잊고 지냈었다)
KISSES (키세스) - blue lagoon
Seong Youngjoo (성영주) - Refrigerator (냉장고)
Lim Soo Yeon (임수연) - I'm Okay
Tommy Song (타미송) - Riverside
BOHEME (보엠) - The Stranger (이방인)
Dong Ahn with Jimni & Kim Sangjin (동안, 짐니, 김상진) - Remember You (너라는 기억)
E Hyuk (이혁) - Come Up To Me Like The Wind (바람처럼 내게 다가와)
Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신) - The Last Day (은퇴식)
Seo Eun Kwang, NC.A (서은광 (비투비), 앤씨아) - So Do You (노래방에서)
Sungmin (성민) - Day Dream (낮 꿈)

OST Block:
LeeHyun (이현) - Will There Be A Next Time (다음이 있을까) (This Flower Ending (이런 꽃같은 엔딩) OST)
Hyojung (Oh My Girl) (효정 [오마이걸]) - Sarr (사르르) (Queen of Mystery Season 2 (추리의 여왕 시즌2) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block:
Monzon (몬존) - At This Moment (순간)
Lim Soo Yeon (임수연) - I'm Okay
MuzGrain (뮤즈그레인) - Light
Band 88 (밴드 88) - Twilight Zone (환상특급)

EDM / Dance Block:
Boom (붐) - Boy Next Door (옆집오빠)
Rana Feat. Ella Loponte (라나) - Na Na Na
Sweetboy Feat. Seo Yerim (스윗보이, 서예림) - Turtles Hit Songs (거북이 히트곡 remix)
DJ Friz Feat. MRSHLL & Megan Lee (마샬, 메건리) - Dive
KILLAGRAMZ Feat. Muzie (킬라그램) - Up All Night(Dream on)

R&B / Hip-Hop Block:
Han Seonho (하선호) - Teen Swag
Ann One - This Ain't Love
Jeon Soyeon (전소연) - Idle Song (아이들 쏭)
BOIN (보인) - Tito's
MarvelJ Feat. New Champ & Ollitii (마블제이, 뉴챔프, 올티) - Really
JooYoung (주영) - Dive
J.yung - Can I
MJ Feat. Dal And Kim Pro (MJ (써니사이드), 달, 김프로) - When We Were (그때의 우리)Lim Junhyeok (임준혁) - Stay
CHEETAH (치타) - I'll Be There
FR:EDEN (프리든) - If You Can't Fall Asleep (잠이 안온다면)
SLEEPY (슬리피) - iD (아이디)

Pop Block:
SHA SHA - You & Me (너와나)
AZM (에이지엠) - Edge
N.Tic (엔티크) - Once Again
AshGray Feat. Yoojung, XXXY (애쉬그레이, 유정, 젝시) - Dirty X (더러운X)
Lee Aram (이아람) - Empty (Too Brave To Be Hated) (미움받을 용기)
7th Street (세븐 스트릿) - Closer (니가 필요해)
Red Velvet (레드벨벳) - I Just
SF9 (에스에프나인) - MAMMA MIA
Cosmic Girls (WJSN) (우주소녀) - Dreams Come True (꿈꾸는 마음으로)
GOT7 Feat. Hyolyn (갓세븐, 효린) - One and Only You (너 하나만)
NCT U (엔시티 유) - Baby Don't Stop
Kim Sung Kyu (김성규) - True Love
J-Hope - Daydream (백일몽)

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