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K-Pop New Releases - February 2021 Week 3 - K-Pop ICYMI

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Get caught up with this week's new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here's a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for February 2021 Week 3 (week ending February 20, 2021).

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AC Block:
Lee Mingyu (이민규) - Mystery Suspense (미스터리 서스펜스)
MUSUNG (무성) - SEOUL (서울)
Jung Gil (정길) - Before 12 O'Clock (12시 넘어 전화하지 마요)
Kim Eun Young, Oh She Woong (김은영, 오세웅) - I'm Me, I'm You, I'm You, I'm You (나를 나답게, 너를 너답게)
Lee Seong Hyeok (이성혁) - I Didn't Know (이럴 줄 몰랐어)
swing, CHOI (그네, 초이) - I Was Thrilled at Every Moment (모든 순간을 설레었다)
Bily Acoustie (빌리어코스티) - I'll Be By Your Side (옆에 있을게)
ONL (오느린윤혜린) - I'm Not Bad
CheongMyeong (청명) - Never Say Goodbye (헤어지지 말자)
BEIGE (베이지) - Goodbye Day (이제 모두 끝인건가요)
Hong Ju Hyun (홍주현) - Temperature (온도 (溫度))
Shin Ji Hoon (신지훈) - A Story That Will Turn Into A Poem (시가 될 이야기)
Sojung (소정 (레이디스 코드)) - If You Were Still Here (함께 했는데 이별은 나 혼자인 거야)
Kwon Jin Ah (권진아) - Good Bye (잘 가)
Solar (솔라) - Listen To This Tonight (저녁에 들어주세요)
2F (신용재, 김원주) - You and Me Tomorrow (너와 나의 내일)
Kim Bum Soo (김범수) - Fixed On You (초점)

OST Block:
Motte (모트) - Distance (한 뼘) (Lovestruck In The City (도시남녀의 사랑법) OST)
Weeekly (위클리) - Wake Up (Hello, Me! (안녕? 나야!) OST)
E Hyuk (이혁) - If I Meet You Again (다시 허락된다면) (Love Feat. Marriage & Divorce (결혼작사 이혼작곡) OST)
George (죠지) - Something Between Us (좋아해..) (Romance 101 (바른연애 길잡이) OST)
ZIA (지아) - I Become Love To You (누군가의 무엇이 되어) (River Where the Moon Rises (달이 뜨는 강) OST)
Byeol Eun (별은) - Because I Like It (좋아서 그래) (Café Midnight (심야카페) OST)
Doyoung (도영) - Night Air (밤공기) (Café Midnight (심야카페) OST)
CHIMMI (취미) - Did You Have To (그래야만 했냐) (Lovestruck In The City (도시남녀의 사랑법) OST)
Chuu [LOONA] & Lee Hyeop [DRIPPIN] (츄 (이달의 소녀) & 이협 (DRIPPIN)) - Hello (좋아서 그래) (Fling at the Convenience Store (썸타는 편의점) OST)
Kassy (케이시) - Waiting For Spring (오늘도 난 봄을 기다려) (Best Mistake 2 (일진에게 찍혔을 때2) OST)
Seo Eun-Kwang (서은광) - Why’d You Leave Me (왜, 너만) (Replay (리플레이) OST)
Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) (미연 ((여자)아이들)) - Dreaming About You (Replay (리플레이) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block:
KOLAVO - Nameless Me (이름 없는 나)
Jang Eunho (장은호) - Gaze (시선)
Wi Eunchong (위은총) - Night (네가 없는 밤)
PINN (핀) - Escape
GIFT (기프트) - Maybe It's A Good Dream (좋은 꿈일 것 같아)
Broccoli you too (브로콜리너마저) - Upright (바른생활)
Red House (레드하우스) - Straight talk
LambC (램씨) - When My Heart Breaks
LUCY (루시) - Hero (히어로)

EDM / Dance Block:
Animal Divers - Walking on the Sunset Glow
MOMA KANG Feat. Wooil (우일) - Nothing
Ste (스테) - Actually, My Heart is… (사실은 내맘은)
Baek Yerin (백예린) - 0415 (KIRARA Remix)

R&B / Hip-Hop Block:
Kuk Seung Pyo Feat. Caleb Cruise (국승표) - Why Do You
Im Dai Feat. Terry (임다이, 태리) - G Woh Jwoh [Erase] (지워줘)
30 (서리) - Hard Boiled (호랑이레슨)
walo with Blanc - Jewel (보석)
divin' - Touch
KOONTA (쿤타) - Slow Fast (느리게 빨리)
Hanhae Feat. Killagramz (한해, 킬라그램) - Syncopation (한해 형 특유의 앞 박자)
P-TYPE Feat. Don Malik & Kirin (피타입) - New City (신도시)
ONAIR (온에어) - ZIPSOON2 [Homebody] (집순이)
Bluelk (블루엘크) - Look Back (돌아보면)
I.M (아이엠) - God Damn

Pop Block:
Ham Ujoo (함유주) - Love+++
Illionoah (정종인) - FLOWER
KISSXS (키세스) - Love Is Callin'
Narachan (나라찬) - Sunday Morning
Jeongmin Feat. Rockett (정민) - # YOUNG
C.T.O - Oh! That girl (오! 댓걸)
Peniel (프니엘) - Valentine
Kingdom (킹덤) - Excalibur
TRI.BE (트라이비) - DOOM DOOM TA (둠둠타)
ONF (온앤오프) - My Name Is
SoYou X IZ*ONE Feat. pH-1 (소유 X 아이즈원) - ZERO ATTITUDE
Kang Daniel (강다니엘) - Paranoia
Chung Ha (청하) - Bicycle
GOT7 (갓세븐) - Encore

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