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K-Pop New Releases - January 2019 Week 5 - K-Pop ICYMI

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Get caught up with this week's new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here's a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for January 2019 Week 5 (week ending February 2, 2019).

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AC Block:
Sugarbowl (슈가볼) - orange night (사랑의 밤)
Lee Si Eun (이시은) - A Sad Memory (한강에서)
BMSR (ㅂㅁㅆㄹ) - Sleeping (잤어)
fla4free - Scars (성형)
KNOA - Walking on the Memories (기억을 걷는다)
Kim Soo Chan (김수찬) - You & Me (사랑의 해결사)
Yun DDanDDan (윤딴딴) - Our Memory (남은 기억)
PFrame (피프레임) - You
Rothy (로시) - Blossom Flower (다 핀 꽃)
Minseo Feat. Paul Kim (민서, 폴킴) - 2cm

OST Block:
Kim Shin Eui (김신의) - Merry Go Round (Badpapa (배드파파) OST)
Yeoeun (Melody Day) (여은) - If I'm With You (너와 함께라면) (Aerover (에어로버) OST)
Seo In Young (서인영) - You Resemble a Rainbow (무지개 닮은 너) (Protect the King (용왕님 보우하사) OST)
Eunha (은하) (여자친구 GFRIEND) - Tell Me (말해줘요) (The Crowned Clown (왕이된 남자) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block:
Kwonmilk (권우유) - Love, My Friend (사랑, 나의 친구)
Natalee (나탈리) - You See Me
Dickpunks (딕펑스) - Special

R&B / Hip-Hop Block:
JuniorChef Feat. J $tash (주니어셰프) - Pop Star
Mcdaddy - x2
Kim Hyojin (김효진) - Coke and Smoke
JUU-O - Why
Bomin - Can't Love
jeebanoff (지바노프) - B.T.N (Better Than Now)
Joypark Feat. BOiTELLO (조이파크) - Outline (어깨)
MJ Feat. Dal (써니사이드, 달) - The Day I Miss You (한번씩 그리운 날에)
OLNL Feat. Kid Milli (오르내림) - BLUETOOTH
Rick Bridges - Cinderella
TOEFER (토에퍼) - Forget
Big Marvel - Thursday Party
NoBlesse Feat. Cha Sookyung (노블레스, 차수경) - Lonely
Punchnello Feat. Saay (펀치넬로) - Winter Blossom
Punchnello Feat. Crush & PENOMECO (펀치넬로) - Blue Hawaii
Younghertz (영헤르츠) - …
B.M - Oo Yeah
GroovyRoom Feat. Blue.D & Jhnovr (그루비룸) - This Night (행성)
Uk (정욱) - What U Want (#빈틈을보여줘)
Jiselle Feat. Chancellor (지젤, 챈슬러) - Missed Call (받지마)
Yong Jun Hyung Feat. Suran (용준형, 수란) - Empty (빈털터리)

Pop Block:
Puff (퍼프) - Bittersweet
ONEUS (원어스) - Eye Contact
Seyoung (세영) (CROSS GENE) - Winter Rain
JaeHan (Spectrum) (재한 (스펙트럼)) - The Untold Story (하지 못했던 말)
AWEEK (어위크) - The More I See (보면 볼수록)
WITZ (윗츠) - Love Love Love
MUSTB (머스트비) - i want u
Ha Sungwoon Feat. Park Ji Hoon (하성운, 박지훈) - Don't Forget (잊지마요)
Park Woo Jin & Lee Dae Hwi (박우진, 이대휘) - Candle
NeonPunch (네온펀치) - Tic Toc
VIXX (빅스) - Walking (걷고있다)
V (BTS) - Scenery (풍경)
CLC (씨엘씨) - No

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Track: Rogers & Dean - No Doubt [NCS Release]
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